ANF Revises Allegheny Reservoir Forest Order

Allegheny National Forest Visitors BureauBRADFORD, PA – June 8, 2017 – Allegheny National Forest Supervisor Sherry Tune announced that she has amended the section of Forest Order 2017-009 that prohibits mooring to the shorelines overnight on the Allegheny Reservoir. “This section was originally included in response to hearing many concerns from boaters and other recreationists about the number of people who are illegally camping on the shore and damaging resources,” Tune said.

“After hearing from boaters about the revised order, I believe we have come up with a solution that will allow boaters to enjoy the reservoir and help the Allegheny National Forest protect shoreline resources.” Tune said she has rescinded bullet number 3, which prohibits overnight mooring or securing a vessel to the shoreline of the Allegheny reservoir.

She said the ANF will increase monitoring the shorelines to educate campers about the prohibition of camping on the shores and within 1,500 feet inland from the tree line around the Allegheny Reservoir. “But we need the public to help us protect the Allegheny Reservoir shoreline. If you see someone camping illegally, please contact 814.927.5757.”

The amended order (Forest Order 2017-009), can be found on the Allegheny National Forest website in the Alerts and Notices section.