Dog Club Expands Hunt Opportunities for Winter Predators

Allegheny National Forest Visitors BureauBRADFORD, PA – January 10, 2018 – The Rolfe Beagle Club announces increased opportunities for coyote and fox hunters at its annual statewide coyote and fox hunt from Friday, 12:01 a.m., February 16 through Sunday, 5:00 p.m., February 18.

“Last year, hunters entered into our statewide coyote hunt asked that we add fox to the mix, and that we also add in a prize for the largest female in either coyote or fox categories,” said Chris Double, predator hunt manager for the Rolfe Beagle Club and owner of Double Drop Tine Outfitters. “So, we took these recommendations to heart from our past years’ hunters and added in fox this year as another predator to hunt during that time frame. For a small fee you can also enter the largest female category for either fox or coyote. We give 100% of the female category fees back to the successful hunter,” said Chris.

The Rolfe Beagle Club is located at 1016 Long Level Road, Johnsonburg, PA 15845 for hunters mailing in their registration fees, or you can drop off the fees at the clubhouse on any Sunday morning. Hunters can choose to hunt coyotes, hunt fox, or hunt both critters, or enter the largest female category of coyote and/or fox. The Rolfe Beagle Club Winter Predator Hunt is designed so hunters can pick and choose what categories they choose to hunt. These new events are a continuation of the club’s efforts to expand opportunities available at the club grounds on Long Level Road between Wilcox and Ridgway in Elk County. A “ghost” coyote raffle will also be offered.

Every coyote or fox brought to the club at 5:00 on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, 2/16-18, will receive an equal portion of the entry fees. The lone exception is that the largest coyote or fox will receive an additional 10%. 100% of the largest female registration fees will go to the lucky hunter with the heaviest female coyote or fox that registered in those categories.

Contact Chris Double of Double Drop Tine Outfitters at or 814-964-2961. Coyote hunt costs $10. Fox hunt costs $5. Largest female category costs $2. Largest female fox costs $2.