Footpath Tapestry – Brian Berlin

Photography from Every Angle – Still Life & Forest Sights

Yellow flowers floating in a stream
Footpath Tapestry – Bradford, PA
Purchase a keepsake photograph from Footpath Tapestry by Brian Berlin. He was born and raised in the Allegheny National Forest Region and now lives in Bradford, Pennsylvania. His passion and expertise is Nature and Contrast photography and his art is displayed at the Main Street Mercantile in Bradford.
His inspiration is all around him as he travels the city and forests by foot. Looking at his pictures you will wonder what gem you will find around the next corner. His passion is black and white photography, images that allow him to play with lighting. Brian loves working with architecture and still life, and the sights within the Forest, but also enjoys people as subjects.
Old oil pumping station in middle of the woods
Footpath Tapestry – Bradford, PA

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Footpath Tapestry
Brian P. Berlin
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