Funnelhead Studio

Vivid Color Artwork

Wood and Canvas

Funnelhead Studio - Bradford, PAFind beautiful vivid color artwork in the Allegheny National Forest Region at Funnelhead Studio, 45 Oakwood Avenue, Bradford, Pennsylvania.

After spending decades in the business world, local artist Connie Bahan has found her way back to art, forging her own path through self-discovery and exploration. Her whimsical approach to acrylics allows her to explore, discover, and play during the creative process.

Funnelhead Studio - Bradford, PAShe drips fluid paint, dry brushes and listens to her inner voice for the creatures and faces to spring forth on her canvas and be heard. She adds texture by applying papers or scraping away dry paint.

Connie believes “there are no mistakes in the creative process, just a journey – a journey of exploration, enlightenment, and discovery. The canvas has no opinions…”

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Funnelhead Studio
45 Oakwood Avenue
Bradford, PA 16701