Mike Eppard Harvests First Ever Coyote at Rolfe Beagle Club’s Hunt

“It always makes us feel good when one of our hunters harvests their first coyote and brings it in for registration at our hunts,” said Jim Pennington, Jr., President of the Rolfe Beagle Club in Johnsonburg, Pa. Mike Eppard of West Minster, MD, shot his first coyote during Rolfe Beagle Club’s Statewide, 10-Day, Coyote and Crow Hunt. Mike harvested his coyote with a 6 mm Creedmoor rifle and was hunting farmer fields on Tuesday evening of the hunt. Mike’s first coyote weighed 31.8 #. Congratulations, Mike!

Mike Eppard’s coyote is on the left, and Freddy Frey poses with his three coyotes on the right.

Mike was hunting with Freddy Frey and Bill Myers. Freddy Frey also harvested three more coyotes during the Monday and Tuesday evenings of the hunt.

The Rolfe Beagle Club will be offering its Coyote and Fox Hunt or Trap event over two weekends in February, 2023.

Additional information at the Facebook Page, Rolfe Beagle Club.