Allegheny National Forest Accepting Public Comments on Using E-Bikes at the Jakes Rocks Trail System

The USDA Forest Service is proposing to allow the use of class 1 e-bikes on the Jakes Rocks trail system. The Jakes Rocks trail system is located in the Allegheny National Forest in western Pennsylvania. It is a 35-mile singletrack trail system along the western shore of the Allegheny Reservoir.  A total of 46.2 miles of trail are planned for the system. E-bikes are not currently allowed on the trail system.

Class 1 e-bikes are bicycles with an electric motor that provides assistance only when the rider pedals. The motor stops after the bike reaches 20 miles per hour.

Forest Service policy was recently updated to establish a process for considering e-bike use requests. In response to this policy change, the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry, Warren Cycle Shop, Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association, Loud Performance Products, and the Western New York Mountain Bike Association asked us to reconsider e-bike prohibitions on the Allegheny National Forest.

According to District Ranger Rich Hatfield, “This proposal is in response to both changes in recreation technology and a request from stakeholders in the community.  The Forest Service will utilize a fact-based analysis process to review current e-bike research and make an informed decision that best serves the users of the Jake Rocks trail system.  I welcome and encourage public involvement as we consider adding e-bikes to the Jakes Rocks Trail System.”

Comments on our proposal to allow the use of class 1 e-bikes on the Jakes Rocks trail system are welcomed and would be most helpful if received by February 6, 2023.

More details regarding our proposal, and instructions for how to comment, are available online at For additional information or printed copies, please contact District Ranger Rich Hatfield at 814-363-6098 or