Hunter and Hound Successful at Rolfe Beagle Club’s Statewide Coyote and Fox Hunt or Trap

Paul Costanzo entered a 30.2# male coyote into Rolfe Beagle Club’s Statewide Predator Hunt or Trap after a resilient weekend. Paul hunts with an electronic call and an AR .223 caliber equipped with a thermal scope.

While crossing a field to set up for a calling sequence, Paul noticed a coyote crossing the field edge with his monocle scanner. Dropping to the seated position, Paul shot 180 yards to the field edge dropping his target. But the coyote ran off after a hard hit. Paul searched for several hours but, without any blood or evident trail, Paul abandoned the trail until the morning light would make searching easier. Paul returned 12 hours later after reviewing his thermal footage of point of impact. Paul brought his Plott hound Annie Cujo to the start of the trail and roughly 150 yards later, through thick cover, the coyote was finally recovered.

Paul Constanzo with his well-earned coyote and Plott hound Annie Cujo.

Hunters are reminded that if they choose to participate during the second weekend of this two-weekend hunt or trap, they must have their registration postmarked by Thursday, 2/16.

Weigh-in is at 4:00 p.m. every day. Categories include coyote, fox, largest female coyote, and largest female fox. Additional information at the Facebook Page, Rolfe Beagle Club.