Al Dornisch to be Featured Artist at RGS Dinner

Allegheny National Forest Visitors BureauBRADFORD, PA – October 24, 2019 – Al Dornisch, nationally known artist with Wild Wings and Ashley’s Art Gallery, will be the featured artist on Friday, November 1, at the “Meet the Artist” dinner sponsored by the Upland Bird Hunt Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS). The “Meet the Artist” dinner on Friday is part of an annual three-day event sponsored by the RGS Upland Bird Hunt Chapter in St. Marys, Elk County, Pa. Members of the public are welcome to reserve a dinner for that evening by contacting

Al’s print this year will be an ORIGINAL of a woodcock painting to be auctioned on Friday evening to benefit habitat. Al is a self-taught artist and naturalist who has spent most of his 84 years working at his art and studying the world’s wild creatures and their environment. His interests have found him photographing, sketching, and observing wildlife across the frozen sub-arctic, the savannahs of Africa, and many wonderful places in between. Al’s paintings are highly detailed images and can be found in collections around the world. He is the winner of several stamp and print competitions in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Maryland, and is a regular contributor to conservation organizations.

The Upland Bird Hunt Chapter’s three-day event runs from Thursday through Saturday, 10/31 through 11/2, and promotes conservation of habitats to support upland birds, assists in research on grouse populations and West Nile Virus, and promotes camaraderie amongst hunters, conservationists, and dogs.

The Ruffed Grouse Society was founded in 1961 to promote and increase awareness of young forest management and to maintain suitable habitat that supports healthy populations of ruffed grouse, woodcock, deer and many songbird species that depend on forest diversity to survive and prosper.