Finding Bigfoot – Fact or Myth?

Discovery Channel Searches Forest Region

The Hunt Continues…

Finding Bigfoot - Fact or Myth?Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is normally described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid that lives in remote, heavily forested areas throughout the world. Folklore provides us with detailed descriptions of large hairy “wild men” in every continent except Antarctica. Could a Bigfoot be living here?

An unusual, unidentifiable creature was captured on film from a game camera mounted in a tree by Rick Jacobs in 2006, within a remote area of the Allegheny National Forest. Discussion still continues today: is it indeed a real picture of a juvenile Sasquatch or just a skinny, unusual bear?

To find out, a research team and film crew from the popular TV show, Finding Bigfoot, from the Discovery Channel, visited the Allegheny National Forest Region in search of Bigfoot in October 2012. Different areas within the forest, around the Allegheny Reservoir and within the Kinzua Valley, were filmed. And attempts were made to call in the creature.

The Finding Bigfoot episode debuted nationwide in April 2013. A clip of that episode is provided below.

Bigfoot is named for its large footprints. Their size, fur covered face and body, lack of a tail, length and shape of their legs and their long hairy arms are additional physical characteristics attributed to this creature.

One of the reported ways of identifying Bigfoot is by its walk. These creatures are reported to walk upright, with one foot in front of the other, much like walking on a tight rope.

One hypothesis is that they speak to each other using a series of high pitched screams, grunts and growls, or by whistling and that you might be able to call one in by imitating the sounds they make.

To see the results of this and other Bigfoot searches, go to Animal Planet.

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