Geo-Caching Trails & Events

The Hunt is On!

McKean County Historical GeoTrail
Twenty-two sites are listed on this interesting trail traversing through the history of McKean County, Pennsylvania. To receive your coin 20 of the cache codes must be filled in on the Download your passport.

On the downloaded passport, find 15 of the caches, fill in the cache code on the passport, then return to the ANF Visitors Bureau’s office to receive your coins.

When you complete your trail, mail your completed form to:

ANF Visitors Bureau, PO Box 371, 80 Corydon Street, Bradford, PA 16701 to receive your coin, but be sure to include your full name and return mailing address. The coin will be mailed to you FREE of charge.

Allegheny State Park Geo-Bash-GC76H45

Held annually at Allegheny State Park in the state of New York, this annual event attracts participants from around the world. Allegheny State Park, Salamanca, NY.

Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau
80 E. Corydon Street
Bradford, PA 16701