Lynn Hall Architectural Tours

Allegheny Modernism – Tour an Architectural Treasure

Artist rendering of exterior view of Lynn Hall
Lynn Hall – Port Allegany, PA
Tour an architectural treasure, Lynn Hall, 21656 Route 6, Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, to learn the storied history of Walter Hall, contractor and builder of Fallingwater. Before there was Fallingwater in Pittsburgh, there was Lynn Hall which is now a National Historic Place. Lynn Hall is currently undergoing restoration. Call ahead to schedule a tour.
Is it a Frank Lloyd Wright Design? No, it was designed and built by a Northwest Pennsylvania builder named Walter Hall. Walter was an early practitioner of what is now called “prairie style” and Lynn Hall is a variation of this style called Allegheny Modernism.
Interior view of Lynn Hall, showing spacious living room
Lynn Hall – Port Allegany, PA
How are Lynn Hall and the iconic house known as Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, connected? Walter Hall, along with his select crew of workers built Fallingwater. It was because of his design of Lynn Hall that Mr. Hall was selected to be the builder. The first phase of Lynn Hall was built in the 1930’s prior to Fallingwater.
Tours need to be arranged in ADVANCE. Please phone ahead to avoid disappointment. Call 954-554-8492.
Lynn Hall Architectural Tours
21656 Route 6
Port Allegany, PA 16743
Phone to schedule tours: 954-554-8492


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