Winners of Statewide Predator Hunt Announced

Allegheny National Forest Visitors BureauBRADFORD, PA – September 9, 2019 – Treasurer Karl Becker announced the winners today of the Rolfe Beagle Club’s 10-day, statewide predator hunt for coyotes and crows that ran from 8/28 through 9/7 at noon.  Prizes were awarded on 9/7 at a noon lunch.

The largest coyote, a male, tipped the scale at 33 lbs and was harvested Saturday morning, 9/7, in the Kersey area by Sean Holjencin.

The largest female coyote, at 32 lbs, was also harvested by Sean Holjencin in the Kersey area on 8/30.

Rich Schlimm harvested the most coyotes with three weighing in at 30 lbs (female), 15 lbs (female), and 21 lbs (female) taken at Highland Corners and Lake City, respectively.

John Guido of Virginia harvested the first coyote on 8/30, a 31 lbs male, in the Brockport area.

Richie Schlimm harvested the most crows over the 10-day hunt.