Women’s Introduction to Wing Shooting – Taught by Women

Allegheny National Forest Visitors BureauBRADFORD, PA – June 14, 2018 – Are you a woman who has watched your husband head out the door to go hunting with the shotgun, and wondered if you could do that, too?

Does your son/daughter shoot trap at the high school and you’ve wondered if that is something you could enjoy, too?

Did you try shooting once with a gun that didn’t fit you and wound up with a bruised cheek?

You’ve tried shooting before but couldn’t hit a thing and got discouraged?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Allegheny Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) and the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club in have an answer for you in the new Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting Program to be offered in McKean County. The women’s shooting program is open to women who live anywhere. NO EXPERIENCE WITH SHOOTING IS REQUIRED TO ENROLL. This is the first time a program of this in depth training has been offered in Pennsylvania. The program size will be capped at twenty participants.

The program will teach women the basic shooting sports and how to hunt game birds of Pennsylvania: grouse, pheasant, turkey, quail, woodcock, snipe, doves and crows, and ducks and geese.

“We’re holding the program at the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club because they were gracious enough to offer to help our RGS Chapter get this program going here in Pennsylvania. The Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club has the quality facilities/helpers we need to get this program going. We are fortunate,” says Bonnie Orr, Leader of the Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting Program for the Allegheny Chapter of the RGS “that our chapter is in the vicinity of the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club.”

The Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting Program is for women who want to learn to hunt upland birds or waterfowl, or just learn to shoot a shotgun at a range for practice and not partake of hunting. “The purpose of this program is to help women feel comfortable with their shotgun so they can safely enjoy shooting at the range or hunting,” says Brenda Walker, one of the leaders of the WIW Program. She adds, “We also want women to leave this program knowing other women who can share their new-found experiences. You never know that the woman who only lives one town away also wants to find another woman to hunt with until you attend a course such as this and make those friendships.”

The first session of the Women’s Introduction at the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club will occur over the weekend of July 21-22. The second session will occur over the weekend of August 25-26. Both sessions start at 1:00 p.m. to allow women with travel distances to attend the sessions. An emphasis will be placed on shooting once you have been given the first safety session.

The training sessions over the two weekends are:

1. Shotgun Safety Basics, Care, and Cleaning
2. Game Birds of Pennsylvania
3. North American Model of Wildlife Management
4. Hunting Dogs
5. Where and How to Hunt Birds in PA
6. In the Field

The last session is on Sunday, September 9th, and involves an actual hunt. All attendees of the July and August sessions are eligible to hunt quail at the Rolfe Beagle Club in the north end of Elk County, approximately 18 miles from the Mt. Jewett Sportsmen’s Club.

Dogs will be provided upon the enrollee’s request. Training session #7 on Shot to Table will be offered just prior to the hunt so you will learn how to clean a bird and you will be given recipes to cook upland birds you might find in Pennsylvania. The “hunt” ends with a sample of cooked game birds so folks can try different recipes.

Any woman who completes the entire course will be eligible to win a 20-gauge shotgun. The shotgun is a Pointer semi-automatic with Turkish Walnut stock and 28” vent ribbarrel for 2 & ¾ and 3” shells. All chokes are included. The shotgun will be given away at the end of the hunt. Bonnie Orr, Leader of the Women’s Introduction to Wingshooting Course, donated the shotgun.

Women who want to attend this course may register by calling Brenda Walker at 814-778-4248, or email Brenda at brendawalker@hughes.net. Women under the age of 18 who want to attend will be required to be with a parent or guardian during the training.

Any women who register after the course is full will be put on a waiting list so if a registered woman drops out, you can be contacted to attend the course.

The Ruffed Grouse Society was founded in 1961 to promote and increase awareness of young forest management and to maintain suitable habitat that supports healthy populations of ruffed grouse, woodcock, deer and many songbird species that depend on forest diversity to survive and prosper.