Foster Brook Creamery

Hershey’s Ice Cream – Over 30 Delicious Flavors

Exterior view of the creamery
Foster Brook Creamery – Bradford, PA
The Foster Brook Creamery, located at 9 Derrick Road in Bradford, Pennsylvania is where the locals go to get their tasty treats. This casual, family-owned restaurant serves 30 delicious flavors of Hershey’s Ice Cream. Pick your flavor and have it in a sugar or waffle cone, or as a thick and creamy milk shake. Feeling hungry, order a burger, made fresh daily, and some sweet potato fries.
Try Cappuccino Crunch – a premium coffee flavored ice cream with dark chocolate swirls and toffee pieces. You can also choose Peanut Butter Carmel Cookie Dough, Butter Burbon Truffle, Playdough, or Superman.
Soft service ice cream flavors are 10% butterfat and include chocolate, vanilla, or twist. Seasonal flavors of frozen yogurt.
Ice cream varieties displayed in tubs under glass counter
Foster Brook Creamery – Bradford, PA
March 1 to the end of September
Open Daily – 11 am to 9 pm
Foster Brook Creamery
9 Derrick Road, Suite 1
Bradford, PA 16701
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