Historic Lynn Hall

Two Extraordinary Accommodations

Historic Lynn Hall - Exterior view
Historic Lynn Hall – Port Allegany, PA
Built in 1934, the Lynn Hall property and nearby cottage are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are considered early examples of Organic Modern architecture. Designed and built by Walter J. Hall – a self-taught practitioner of the style, who is best known as the primary builder of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling-water. When you arrive you will notice the buildings emerge from the mountain-side and are enveloped by lush landscaping that compliment the many water features. Fully restored, Lynn Hall offers unique accommodations that provide an authentic mid-century modern suites appointed with upscale furnishings, art and modern luxuries.
Historic Lynn Hall - Entry way
Historic Lynn Hall – Port Allegany, PA
The Architects Suite
Before entering the Architects Suite, you will cross the large water feature at the front of the Lynn Hall via a stone bridge. The main living area was originally used for the Hall’s architectural offices beginning in 1936. The studio features a 35 foot ceiling/roof-line that cantilevers the full length of the room creating a solarium effect with glass roof cut-outs that transition seamlessly into the front windows. The unique fireplace is a signature Hall design and is the main focal point amongst the original bookshelves. The ensuite bedroom features many examples of Port Allegany’s glass history, including some of the original fused glass block produced at the local Pitt/Corning facility. The bathroom has been updated with modern conveniences while keeping with the historic design.
The Architects Suite AirBnB
Walter’s Cottage rises outward and seemingly clings to the hillside with a ships-prow window that cantilevers off the living room. Both the interior and exterior are clad with oversized redwood ship lap siding — punctuated by Walter’s signature stone work. Within, the interior ceilings compress and rise as you move from the intimate spaces to the common areas. The kitchen retains the original and fully restored cabinetry. A main living area with a central fireplace features dramatic views of the valley and mountains beyond. Relax by a bubbling fountain on the rear courtyard or dine al fresco off the kitchen terrace next to the outdoor fireplace. On a clear night you can enjoy a view of the milky way – after all, this is Dark Sky Country.
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Historic Lynn Hall
Lynn Hall
21656 Rt. 6
Port Allegany, PA 16743