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Guided Deer Hunting in the PA Wilds

Steve Sherk with trophy big buck
Sherk’s Guide Service
Lewis Run, PA
At the age of 4, Steve Sherk went hunting for the first time. His Dad took him grouse hunting. Ever since that day, Steve found his favorite thing to do in life.
It Was Hunting!
As Steve got older, his passion for hunting trophy whitetails grew more than he could ever imagine. As he entered his late teens and early 20’s, Steve was fortunate to have harvested some mature big woods bucks. Then when he reached his mid 20’s, a new passion came upon him.
Guiding Whitetail Hunts
Night image of buck nibbling on tree branch
Sherk’s Guide Service
Lewis Run, PA
Sherk’s Guide Service is offering fully guided and DIY deer hunts in the big woods of Northern PA.
“Our passion is your satisfaction!”
Hunters can expect an awesome experience hunting some of the nicest whitetails in the Eastern U.S. Most of the clients continue to book every year. Meals and Lodging packages are offered to their fully guided hunters.
“As the years have passed since then, guiding has been a blessing in so many ways. But most of all it’s been the opportunity to meet so many great people and being able to share my knowledge and passion of hunting whitetails with them.”
– Steve Sherk
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