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Twisted Vine Winery – Kane, PA
Twisted Vine Winery’s flagship location is 117 Fraley Street in Kane, Pennsylvania. They specialize in uniquely flavored wines, high quality food, and great service. Their wine bar offers free wine tasting along with an Asian Fusion inspired menu. Check for menu specials.
Enjoy a delightful wine smoothie and outdoor seating when the weather is fine. Casual tabletop or wine bar seating is available inside. Along with their wines, they have 16 beers on tap, craft cocktails and a full-service restaurant.
Baskets of wine on table
Twisted Vine Winery – Kane, PA
Their creative and tasty menu includes Small Plate Appetizers, Deconstructed Sushi bowls, Hand Helds, and Chef Tony created desserts.
A private meeting room with catering is available. Call now to schedule your next event.
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Twisted Vine Winery
117 Fraley Street
Kane, PA 16735
Asian fusion cuisine in bowl
Twisted Vine Winery – Kane, PA
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