Wilds Sonshine Factory

Sunflower Spirits from Seed to Still

Field of sunflowers with rising sun in background
Wilds Sonshine Factory – Kane, PA

With every bottle of high-quality distilled spirits, Wilds Sonshine Factory (WSF), located at 3480 Route 6 West, Kane, PA, will celebrate the natural landscape and heritage of the region, through locally sourced ingredients, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to growing in the PA Wilds.

Wilds Sonshine Factory is home to an interpretive education and agricultural center for northwestern PA through tours, displays and sponsored events.

Advertisement imposed over a field of sunflowers
Wilds Sonshine Factory – Kane, PA

Visitors will walk through a 60 foot corridor and learn that “food does not come from a grocery store, lumber does not come from Lowe’s or Home Depot, and water does not come from a spigot” as owner, David Conklin, would say.

Wilds Sonshine Factory
3480 Route 6 West
Kane, PA 16735

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