McKean County Collectible Pin Trail

Explore the Region’s Rich History – Collect All 10 County Pins!

Explore the region’s rich history as you visit the sites along the trail! McKean County, Pennsylvania was created in 1804. Its fascinating history is founded on the early lumber and oil industries and its story is told in iconic American events from the Underground Railroad and the Civil War to the invention of the Zippo lighter in Bradford, Pennsylvania. McKean County is home to the world’s oldest operating refinery and the birthplace of the American endangered species movement.

Shows all 10 Historic McKean County Pins arranged in a wall frame
Collect all 10 Historic McKean County Pins!

This set of collectible pins may be obtained by visiting all the sites along the trail. Feel free to collect and trade them with your friends. The cost of the pins are $5.95 each plus tax, and if you wish to purchase the lanyard, it retails for $4.95 plus tax. To purchase the pin, with the deer, or logo lanyards visit our Online Shop.

History Trail – Suggested 3 day -2 night Driving Tour

Download the Pin Trail Map here

Historic McKean County Pin Trail Map
Historic McKean County Pin Trail Map
The pin and logo lanyards are available at the ANF Welcome Center in Bradford, PA and online.
Allegheny National Forest (ANF) Welcome Center
Monday – Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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