Unique Dining Destination

Scenic Kinzua Valley Trail

Westline Church - Westline, PA

Westline Church – Westline, PA

Nestled in a valley, encircled by forest, the town of Westline has a history of rich natural resources. With a population of only 88 residents, there are more trees and wildlife than people in this idyllic community.

Visitors can enjoy fly-fishing in Kinzua Creek, along with hiking or bicycling on the Kinzua Valley Trail. Winter sports include snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Westline Inn - Westline, PA

Westline Inn – Westline, PA

Westline Inn, once the Day family home, is now one of the area’s most unique dining destinations. In 1880, the Day family built a factory which turned timber into charcoal, wood alcohol and acetic acid. The office of the Day Chemical Company is now the large dining room and it still contains a massive, self-locking safe. The bar and casual dining areas was once a porch looking out on the gardens, and underneath is one of the first indoor swimming pools, once heated by the boilers of the factory.

Kinzua Valley Trail - Westline, PA

Kinzua Valley Trail – Westline, PA

Kinzua Valley Trail, located along the banks of scenic Kinzua Creek, links Westline to Red Bridge Campground in the Allegheny National Forest.

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