Bradford Area Alliance

Making a Difference – Creating and Cultivating a Vibrant Economy

Community entry sign: Welcome to Bradford, Pennsylvania
Bradford Area Alliance – Bradford, PA
The Bradford Area Alliance is an executive board of Bradford’s leaders in industry, business, education, healthcare and finance, dedicated to making the Bradford community and its residents stronger through focus on creating and cultivating a vibrant economy.
“I look forward to working collaboratively with our local and regional partners in the public and private sectors to collectively strengthen our economy and community. The Alliance is an amazing example of forward-thinking leaders investing into the community,” said Executive Director Carolyn Newhouse.
The Alliance was created as and remains a non-partisan, non-political organization.
Bradford Area Alliance - Bradford, PA
Bradford Area Alliance – Bradford, PA
Bradford Area Alliance
P O Box 1201
80 E. Corydon Street
Bradford, PA 16701