Elk and Walnut Creative Corner

Take a Piece of the Forest Home with You

Elk & Walnut Creative Corner logoElk and Walnut Creative Corner based out of Kane, Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of souvenirs from your adventures in the Allegheny National Forest and beyond.
The Allegheny National Forest magnets are crafted with American grown Cherry wood. This is a nod to hometown pride as Kane is known as the Black Cherry capital of the world for the thick forest coverage and strong logging industry. Three Kinzua Bridge State Park magnets are also available. Take home a memento from Pennsylvania’s number one State Park.

Black cherry wood carving of a black bear with magnet on back
Elk and Walnut Creative Corner – Kane, PA
Elk and Walnut’s creativity has expanded their store to include sport stadiums, earrings, hair clips, and ornaments. Looking for a personalized gift? Elk & Walnut can personalize your or your child’s drawings. Find their products at the Kinzua Bridge State Park, Allegheny National Forest Visitor’s Bureau, local craft fairs, or send them an email order or Facebook message.
Elk and Walnut Creative Corner
4 N Elk Avenue
Kane, PA 16735
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Wood carving of Kinzua Bridge held against photo of the actual bridge
Elk and Walnut Creative Corner – Kane, PA