Kinzua Valley Trail Club

From Railroad Bed to Trail Head – Scenic Trails in the Kinzua Valley

Kinzua Valley Trailhead sign and parking lot
Kinzua Valley Trail – Westline, PA

This volunteer, non-profit organization has currently completed a 7-mile linear trail from Westline to the Red Bridge Campground in the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsylvania.  Trail use is for biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. This trail runs along the beautifully scenic Kinzua Creek.

Open Year-round.

History of the Trail
The trail is constructed on the railroad bed of the Valley Railroad Company, a railroad which is believed to be the “smallest railroad company” in the world. Valley Railroad Company had a narrow gauge, geared Shay locomotive which ran from Kushequa through Westline, to the town of Kinzua. The town of Kinzua no longer in existence, is now underneath the waters of the Allegheny Reservoir.

Building Trails
Upcoming trail projects include the construction of a trail from Westline to Rt. 219. A new trailhead will be built along Rt. 219. The new section of trail, in addition to being hike/bike and cross-country ski friendly will also welcome equestrian use.

Kinzua Valley Trail Club
31 CCC Road
Westline, PA 16740
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Red marker indicates Kinzua Valley trailhead; dotted line indicates trail: