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Celebrating Authentic American Experiences

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Forest Press, a division of the Seneca Highlands Association, Inc., is a non-profit multimedia company whose mission is to celebrate authentic American experiences in places like the Allegheny National Forest.

Our goal is to capture the spirit of this hidden corner of the world so that others will come to appreciate these places as much as we do.

Developing a new product can be an adventure in itself, much like barreling down the Allegheny River, climbing through what were once Native American hunting grounds, or snowshoeing across miles of fresh fallen snow at a place called Willow Bay. The thrill is in the experience and in knowing there is always something new to discover just ahead.

Forest Press works with non-profit organizations, companies and individuals to tell engaging stories that inform and inspire.

Capabilities include:

  • Project development
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Location photography
  • Stock photography
  • Collection archiving
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Book design and publishing
  • Print materials
  • Broadcast documentaries
  • Video production
  • CD and DVD production
  • Web site design
  • Educational media and classroom materials
  • Community outreach initiatives
  • Product development
  • Museum exhibits, including static displays and interactive programs
  • Wide format printing

Among the works we feature is that of award-winning photographer Ed Bernik, whose fine art photography is available as prints through our online store, matted or framed.

In his book, “Pennsylvania Wilds: Images from the Allegheny National Forest”, also available in our online store, Ed draws you inside one of the last wild places in the East. Little-known legends, new archaeological discoveries and unforgettable people await as you journey deep into a forest teeming with life.

The Forest Press
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