McKean County – An Ideal Location for Your Business

Our Assets and Benefits are Compelling

Exterior view of the medical center
Bradford Regional Medical Center – Bradford, PA
Are you ready to enjoy fresh air, low crime rates, inexpensive housing, and an area where one car in front of you at a stop light is considered “heavy” traffic?
Businesses relocate for a variety of reasons. Most common among them are economic factors − lower operating costs, better access to resources and labor, and more supportive local government. Employees will appreciate McKean County’s quality of life and reasonable cost of living.

Business Space

Exterior view of airport terminal
Bradford Regional Airport – Lewis Run, PA
There are numerous buildings and properties available in the region that are suited to a variety of businesses – all at a reasonable cost to rent, lease, or buy. Internet-based businesses, consultants, small service firms, construction and renovation, natural gas & oil firms, woodworking and machine shops, artists and crafts people, B&B innkeepers and entrepreneurs are among the many who will find our area especially inviting.

Air Travel

Nearby Bradford Regional Airport connects to 88 domestic and 42 international cities.

Kane Area Development Center logoProximity to Major Markets
Erie, PA is 2 hours away
Pittsburgh, PA is 3.5 hours away
Cleveland, OH is 4 hours away
Harrisburg, PA is 4 hours away
Philadelphia, PA is 5 hours away
New York City, NY is 5.5 hours away
Buffalo, NY is 2 hours away
Toronto, Ont., Canada is 4 hours away

Support Infrastructure

In addition to several Chambers of Commerce, networking opportunities are offered by the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Artists & Artisans Guild, and many social and civic organizations.

Business Friendly Government

McKean County has an agenda for business climate improvement and economic stimulation. It is actively seeking to attract entrepreneurs as well as established firms into the area. Lines of communication between business, government and community are always open.

Internet Access

Family enjoying high speed Internet on a laptop computer
Hgh Speed Internet
Business-class broadband connections are available through Verizon DSL and Comcast cable. A major fiber optic trunk line is part of a regional network that services hospitals, schools and government offices, as well as commercial enterprises, small firms, and entrepreneurs.


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The area’s K-12 schools have excellent academic programs, quality teachers and administration, and a variety of sports teams.


McKean County offers a wide selection of housing that is affordable at all levels. Property taxes are up to 40% less than in metropolitan areas.

Medical Facilities

A network of community and regional healthcare facilities offer medical services to more than 160,000 individuals in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Bradford Regional Medical Center offers specialty programs and services to patients in communities throughout the region. BRMC is part of the Upper Allegheny Health System (UAHS), which includes Olean General Hospital (OGH) in Olean, New York, a 186-bed acute care hospital.


The region supports active lifestyles with extensive land and water trail system for hiking, biking, canoeing & kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and equestrian activities. Motor sports include snowmobiling and ATVing. Area lakes and streams are amply stocked.

Quality of Life

In addition to its scenic beauty and recreational assets, McKean County top rated nationally for pure water and pure air – important considerations for attracting today’s health-minded employees into the region.

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